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What a one-on-one yoga session can do for you

Here are a few reasons to consider taking private lessons with me.

  • If you have an orthopedic issue (i.e. low back, hip or shoulder pain, scoliosis, or trouble with balance) I can work with you to customize a practice for your body that strengthens muscles and/or relieves pain

  • If you have an orthopedic challenge that crops up when you are practicing, I can work with you on modifications for your body so you can continue to practice with confidence

  • If you are new or newer to yoga and feel unsure about the practice, I can teach you some poses tailored for your body so you feel confident attending group classes.

  • If you are having trouble finding the time to get back into a regular yoga practice, private lessons enable you to practice at a time that is convenient for you

So let go of the buzz and busyness of summer and ground into the nourishment and ease of fall by setting up some private lessons with me.

Private classes are available online or in-person, depending upon where you live. If you choose a package of classes, we can arrange for a combination of in-person and on-line sessions - whatever works best for you. Have any questions about how a private lesson can work for you? Email me here.

Meanwhile, please join me for a group class in this coming week.


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