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Yoga to Sooth the Nervous System

One of my favorite ways to create ease in my body is practicing restorative yoga.

Restorative yoga teaches our nervous system to relax and involves very little muscular movement. This practice is accessible to everybody, including people who are new to yoga or have orthopedic issues that make it difficult to get up and down. We use lots of yoga tools, like blankets, towels, blocks and thick pillows. These props help with the process of supporting the body into relaxation.

The practice works by ‘restoring’ and balancing the nervous system's stress response. With so many stressors in today's world, our nervous systems can get stuck in high alert, throwing off its balance and make it difficult to calm the mind and body.

A restorative yoga practice reminds the nervous system how to shift out of a high stress mode and move into a rest and healing mode. If you are interested in reading more about how restorative yoga works and the science behind it, YogaMedicine and Healthline have good explanations.

You can also try restorative yoga with this 5-minute restorative practice I created for you. You’ll want at least 1 thick towel, a chair and a small towel to cover your eyes (or an eye pillow). I also recommend wearing warm clothing and socks. You may also want a yoga belt, 3 or 4 additional towels (or blankets) and to put on some calming background music.

If you try it, drop me an email and let me know about your experience. I am planning to hold a weekend afternoon workshop on restorative yoga in April where you will learn how to recreate restorative practices for yourself at home. I will provide details of the workshop in future emails.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat and wishing you strength and balance.


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