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A Yin and Yang Practice for You

photo by Sebastian Arie Voortman via Pexels

Our nervous system is constantly seeking balance. Almost like a see-saw, our bodies and minds are shifting back and forth between rest and action: We inhale, then we exhale. We move and then sit still. We get stressed and then calm down.

Chinese philosophy describes these intertwined opposites as the yin and the yang. We are constantly seeking the right balance between yin – rest – and yang - action. In Chinese medicine, it is believed if a person has too much yin or too much yang in life, they become out of balance and unhealthy. For example, if we have too much stress in our life, it is hard to unwind, and if we don’t have enough movement, we may feel sluggish and fatigued. Either way, we feel out of sorts.

This is where yoga can help. The practice provides tools for nervous system balance, like slowing the breath to shift into more of a yin state and movement to shift toward a yang state. If you are interested in learning more about yin and yang in yoga, I recommend this explanation from Yoga Medicine where I have taken many of my advanced teacher training classes.

This week, I have a 10-minute yoga practice for you inspired from yin and yang philosophy. This practice is accessible to most bodies, and you can do it in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Let me know about your experienceif you give it a try.


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