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Meditation with an astronaut

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

I have two invitations for you this week.

  • Join a free meditation and conversation on Dec. 13 (from 7 pm to 8 pm ET) with Colonel Mark T. Vande Hei, a NASA astronaut who will chat about our home planet, space exploration, and his experience practicing meditation within the confines of the International Space Station.

  • Give a holiday gift of a private yoga class with me.

I have always been a space geek. I love to read stories about space and the stars, so I was intrigued when I received an email this week offering this online class hosted by Kripalu, a yoga retreat based in western Massachusetts. Vande Hei will talk with a meditation teacher about how he incorporated a daily meditation practice into his time on the space station.

And with holiday giving in mind, a couple of you have told me that you think a friend or family member would love to practice yoga with me, so here's a way to purchase a gift certificate for a private yoga class. And join me this week for group yoga classes on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

(photo credit Pexels)


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