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Becoming Part of the Solution

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Like so many Americans, I have been profoundly moved by this past week's events. Watching the images of peaceful protests and police aggression unfolding in DC, in cities across the country, and around the world have filled me with pain, and also hope. And this moment has also reminded me that in yoga, we are called to channel the service-oriented self.

As a journalist I am always aware that there is something more to learn. This week, I watched videos with activists who offered advice on how each of us can be part of creating a more equal and just society. I found this video, "Spiritual Activism 101" by Rachel Rickets, to be particularly thought-provoking.

"We have the possibility to not only imagine a whole, new + better world, but we have the absolute capability to CREATE that world," by taking action, Rickets says in an accompanying email. I think she's right.

In that spirit, my Monday evening yoga and Saturday evening meditation classes for the rest of June will benefit the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund. I will contribute 100% of your donations for these classes for the rest of June (Monday: Yoga for Stress Relief, Saturday: 30 Minute Guided Meditation). The NAACP LDF's mission is to fight for racial justice by protecting voting rights, reforming our criminal justice system and achieving education equity. It is run by Sherrilyn Ifill, cousin of the late Gwen Ifill, a journalist who I admired.

I look forward to seeing you online. Wishing you strength & balance in the week ahead.


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