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What is the core?

Last week during class, one of my students asked: "What do you mean when you ask me to engage my core? How do I find it?"

I love this question because it inspired me to be creative about looking for ways to help students connect with their bodies.

The core is the muscle group that encircles the lower torso and hips and provides the stability we need to move through the world. We tend to focus on it when talking about building and maintaining balance. Core muscles are also responsible for our ability to breathe and keeping our spine in alignment.

When we ask students to "activate", or "engage" the core, what we mean is having the muscles contracted enough so that if someone were to come over and try to push you over, your core would resist and help you stay upright.

I created two short videos earlier this year on gentle moves to challenge and strengthen your balance and core. Look here and here.

Sometimes reading about it can help too. Here's an article on engaging the core that you might find helpful.

For those of you who are yoga teachers, how do you help your students find their core? And yoga students, tell me what helped you find your core? I’m always learning from you. Email me here.

Meanwhile, please join me this week for yoga. Wishing you strength and balance.


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