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Meditation for Responding to Turmoil

This has been a hard week. The news that the Supreme Court seems poised to, in the coming weeks, overturn the national legal protection for reproductive choices (and perhaps other choices), is hard to process. I have been vacillating between feelings of anger, helplessness, depression and sadness for this country.

What does this all mean for all of us? What can I do beyond voting in November? I am a yoga teacher and I am a health journalist. As a journalist, I am not supposed to be political, yet how can I not be? What is the meaning of freedom of speech if all of those who identify as women or people who want to become pregnant aren’t free to make their own choices about how, when and if they want to give birth?

As I wrestle with the questions and what to do about it, I’ve been turning to yoga and a particular kind of meditation, called ‘loving-kindness’ for grounding and empowerment. It is a tool for connecting with our personal power, rooted in love and our connections with others. It may sound new-agey but there is research showing loving-kindness meditation plants the seeds for reducing stress and increasing a sense of connection.

So I recorded this meditation for you, inspired by loving-kindness. I hope it helps you tap into your inner strength, as you face this latest event rocking our world. Let me know what you think and how you are handling this moment.

Wishing you strength and balance.


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